Façade shop drawings or fabrication drawings are the backbone of any façade fabrication industry. Obtaining architectural approval is only a small part of what a quality Façade shop drawing provides. Façade shop drawings are a roadmap utilized by project managers and installers, and can greatly affect the profitability of any project. Façade shop drawings reflect the structure and shape of the building’s façade at every location. These drawings maybe submitted for approval from the consultant and the architect.

In today’s fast paced construction, fabricators are finding themselves facing tighter construction schedules and longer material lead times. A façade team that can provide cost effective and quality service will definitely help them not only to bid profitably, but to deliver quality service to customers. Our façade engineering team specializes in custom facade shop drawings. We also do mandatory drawings needed for the building approval.

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We provide shop drawings services for:

Curtain walls


Curved glass

Glass panels


Cavity walls

Glass mullion

Glass entrances


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